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Do I need any specific skills to use Instamural stickers?

No, if you can peel the backing paper off, you can stick them down. Here is a short video showing just how easy they are to apply


What if I want to put my branch from the ceiling instead of the wall?

No problem, We have a little video to show you how to do that. (coming VERY soon!)


What if I want to buy stickers individually?

We sell our stickers in packs as we feel this give you the best options. We sell larger stickers that are designed to co-ordinate with the packs if you want to grow your mural. But at present, to keep production costs down, we only sell in packs.


How long will be stickers take to arrive?

We aim to dispatch within 7 working days.


Do you sell overseas?

Yes, we can send our stickers anywhere.


What if I want something different?

We are looking at bringing new designs on regularly, but we can produce one off stickers if required. Clearly this is more expensive, but drop us a line if you want to find out more.